Soma's Frame Philosophy

Individuality Made Affordable:

Our customers desire the freedom of customization; for performance reasons and expressive reasons, but none of them want to end up eating Top Ramen for a year to get a great bike. 

Durability Means A Better Bike:

A bike that you can keep riding longer means your money is going farther. Since 2007, we have been exclusively using Tange Prestige butted CrMo Steel. Tange's heat treatment process let's us offer our strongest frames ever, but still at a fair price. And the ride is lively and smooth like buttahh.

Keepin' it Simple:

Fun is not complicated. Why should our frames be? No weird geometries, just what we ourselves would like to ride. As for colors and graphics, we've made a conscious choice to avoid "race inspired" billboard style logos. We find this makes it easier for folks to cover them up with stickers and chewing gum.