EP Ultra


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EP ULTRA - The Next Generation Bike Chain Lubricant for the 21st century

EP ULTRA - The next generation, ultra-high mileage, extreme pressure chain lubricant with maximum film strength! EP ULTRA represents a quantum leap in lubrication for bicycles. Based upon the highly proven idea that an extreme pressure additive, combined with a strong penetrating solvent is a superior combination for lubricating an open gear mechanism, EP ULTRA goes a few steps further. First, it works for a long period of time, in any condition that you will want to ride a bike. Second, it stays extremely clean, all the way through the life of the application. Gone are the days of the chainring tattoo on your leg, black greasy hands, or ruined upholstery from putting the bike into the car. There is no wax, no oil, no PTFE, or anything else to attract dirt and create a filthy drivetrain.

  • 4-ounce bottle, 120ml.
  • High mileage per application – most cyclists experience 500+ miles of road riding between applications of EP ULTRA. Offroad riders will enjoy a super clean drivetrain regardless of conditions.
  • Runs ultra-clean – doesn't attract dirt! Nothing sticks to EP ULTRA lubed parts.
  • Designed to run chains in marine conditions and other extreme environments.
  • Will not wash off in rain, mud or snow.
  • Smooth running - reduces drivetrain noise, stops friction.
  • Use 1/4 ounce per application for most road or mountain bikes.